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Battleship Minesweeper

Battleship Minesweeper by Code This Laboratory brings All of the fun and Excitement of Minesweeper to the 21st century.  You have to detect each the mines at the grid and also clean the remaining squares.  Be careful however, since it is game over in the event that you touch one mine -- organize your strategies carefully!  You will love how simple the gameplay is also you will quickly be hooked attempting to beat your score.  Currently, Battleship Minesweeper is accessible to perform Gamepix, in which it is unblocked in HTML5.  Gamepix is a simple and free way to perform with this contemporary version of a timeless game.  Play Battleship Minesweeper currently on GamePix! This match has received 18 votes, 13 favorable figures and 5 unwanted ones also contains a mean rating of 3.9. This game was printed on 2014-05-28 and upgraded on 2020-03-17.  

Category: Arcade


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